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VS Care

Business Coach

Are you planning to replace, or upgrade our current Contact Center Solution? Vortalsoft will represent YOU in the selection, implementation and ongoing support of Client’s CX Cloud or hybrid omni-channel solutions, UCaaS, CCaaS, TaaS, LMS, WFO or Security Solutions.

Business Care

Then Vortalsoft CARE is for you. Vortalsoft will

  • We represent YOU in the process
  • Use our 20+ years in transforming mission critical contact centers across all channels to help you make your migration a success
  • Support your ongoing with a named, known Tier 1-3 North American support team
  • Help your ongoing with your integration, technical and operational contact center needs

  • Deliver on the solution FASTER while helping you migrate from your existing solution to reduce your operational and financial risk of migration to new platforms or introduction of new
  • Use our partner relationships to provide you better pricing initially and ongoing maintenance and support costs while raising the bar on your services

Clients who:

  • Are considering moving to a new solution or are frustrated with your current support options

  • Want an experienced partner that represents YOU in the process

  • Want direct North American support that knows and understands your specific operational and technical environments

  • Want better services at up to 20% lower pricing with a partner who is in it for the long term with you to deliver on results

  • Want a partner not a vendor experience that is going to stay behind and help you ensure the solution delivers on your needs in your environment

  • Want a partner who can sell and support leading OEMs so you can pick the solutions that work for you

  • Want proactive support of your systems to keep them operating at peak efficiency

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