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VS CONSULT is a project based advisory services to help our clients in the Transformation of technology and operations in their environment?

VortalSoft Consultation Service

Over 20+ Years’ Experience

With over 20+ years’ experience in the design, implementation, ongoing operations and the transformation of complete CX environments, Vortalsoft’s Consulting team are recognized world class experts in the design, and transformation of omni channel Customer Experience environment and in the adoption and migration to cloud solutions and digitization/AI for Fortune 100 Clients.

Our experience matters and will help you make your transformation projects achieve the success needed.

Our Experts

Let our experts use our experience to advise and guide you through your strategic planning, and execution of your transformation project and we will stay behind to implement the recommended changes to get the business results you were planning on. Solutions also include Contact Center and CX benchmarking services, outsourcing and offshoring consulting solutions, design, implement or improve remote working solutions to adapt your environment to remote or hybrid working arrangements, as well as full technology road mapping, transformation and cost- take out projects.

Specific Project

Additionally, if you have a specific project in integration, development or other projects, we have experienced technology, integration, and project management resources that have experience leading similar projects to success.

Ongoing Advisory Services

Vortalsoft experts can stay behind to provide ongoing advice to your day-to-day operations or Project Management services

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