VortalSoft provides multitude of Call Center Services.

  • Hosted/Virtual Call Center services
  • Outsourced Managed Call Center Services
  • Integration/Support and Training call center services

Hosted Call Center Services

The VortalSoft Virtual Contact Center (VSVCC) is a hosted contact center solution that delivers intelligent call treatment, routing, blending, and management for all of your customer interaction requirements. VortalSoft is a service provider of on demand contact center solutions proven to optimize agent resources and increase the effectiveness of sales, marketing and customer service teams.

With VortalSoft, outsourcers and companies of all sizes have a viable alternative to the complexity, cost, and overhead of on?premise contact center infrastructure. A full suite of inbound and outbound solutions are delivered over data networks as a “per user, per month” subscription service.

  • No capital investment
  • No telecommunications systems or networks
  • No long deployments or integration projects
  • No ongoing maintenance or support contracts
  • No headaches

Just ready to go/deploy call center services!

Outsourced Managed Call Center Services

Organizations seeking to harness the value of superior customer contact experiences and improve profitability find VortalSoft’s flexible outsource solutions a competitive advantage. Sophisticated HR processes and custom, integrated technology solutions are the tools we use to enhance the brand, culture and marketing strategy of our global clients.

We provide managed call center services here in the US as well as in our call centers based out of India. Specializing in 20 to 50 seat applications, VortalSoft provides full service CRM management, application development, and multi-channel, multi-lingual contact management services. VortalSoft is the resource that will complete your customer relationship vision and save you critical time and money.

We can help you enhance the relationship with your customers with each contact. This will increase your revenues, retain valued customers and enable you to focus, worry-free, on your core business activities. VortalSoft is ready to flawlessly execute your contact strategy and deliver results. Our Services Central to VortalSoft’s success is a deep understanding of quality customer service. Our applications and programs span industry verticals but share the common theme of enhancing our client’s relationships with their customers by providing unparalleled quality service. We interact with your customers on their terms; by telephone, email or over the web in the language they prefer. We are available when they want us to be: 7/24.

We offer the inbound and outbound contact services you need:

To grow revenue

  • Inbound order desk
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Lead Generation
  • Information and Reservation Services
  • E-Mail Broadcasting Services
  • Campaign response and fulfillment

To enhance customer loyalty

  • Help desk
  • Special Event Support
  • Customer Service and Support

To understand your customers and markets

  • Market Research Data Collection
  • Web-based Data Collection


As one of the largest distributor and VAR for Aspect software, the leading provider of Call Center and CTI technology, we can help you in your call center setup and integration needs if you decide to host your own call center. If you are already a existing customer of Aspect Software and would like support or other professional Services for Ensemble Pro or any other Aspect Products, we can help.

We also provide training in Aspect software products. Training can be provided either at our facilities or at your facility. Our service level and pricing are very attractive and second to none, therefore do contact us before making a decision. Our staff is fully trained and qualified on various Aspect Product lines as well as in other CTI technology like VXML, general Telephony API and in web, COM, and Java development.



Blended Contact Center


Quality Management

Workforce Optimization



Session Border Controllers

Media Gateways

IP Phones



Blended Contact Center


Quality Management

Workforce Optimization



Session Border Controlers

Media Gateways


IP Phones



Blended Contact Center


Workforce Optimization

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