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Vortalsoft partners with recognized industry technology leaders and emerging solutions to bring the right solutions to the table that meet your needs.

COMPLETE is a managed service

Vortalsoft Technology Solutions

We represent YOU in the process, not a manufacturer We have the in-house engineering, design, operational and support experts to ensure that your needs are met throughout all phases of the lifecycle from initial selection through ongoing support over the years.

This allows us to help you select the right products, use our specialized partner pricing discounts to get you the best initial and ongoing pricing, implement and integrate them into your complex environments and other solutions, all on a timeline that fits YOUR needs. Then we stay behind and the same teams will provide you ongoing 24×7 North American support of those solutions in your environment so you can be confident that we know and understand your environment and you know and can trust us.

White Glove, North American Support

After your implementation, we stay behind and the same teams will provide you ongoing 24×7, North American support of those solutions in your environment so you can be confident that WE know and understand your infrastructure and YOU know you can trust us.

Your solution is still registered and supported through us with the OEM (manufacturer) so you have the same access to hot fixes, code mods, upgrades etc, but you benefit from our world class north American expert teams support to keep your solution up and operating for your business.

With everything that has happened in the industry in 2020, more workers working remotely, increasing demands and contacts from Customers, increasing needs to bring calls and communications outside the offices and call centers to agents and workers located remotely often on bring own devices and Customers quickly adopting and crossing channels and a need to meet customers and recognize them as they moved within channels the adoption of Cloud technology, UcaaS, CcaaS, as well as LMS and CMS as well as SaaS as the need to bring applications, communications to distributed workers and Customers where they were increased.

Certified Experts

Vortalsoft’s certified experts across these solutions will help you design, select, implement and provide ongoing support across all these solutions so that the environment is non complex and flexible to meet your needs today and going forward.

Leading Solutions

We sell, implement and support the leading solutions across these areas and this helps our clients reduce complexity, build ongoing partnerships and reduce cost while improving support across multiple solutions.

Vortalsoft Partners

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