For Immediate Release, February 10, 2020

VortalSoft Incorporated headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey announced today that after an extensive review of Learning Management Solutions for Commercial and Educational Clients it has selected Employee One and Campus One by Futor Labs for it’s clients.

Employee One and Campus One offer a flexible, client designable solution for a wide range of applications associated with employee and student certification, training, learning and testing.

Jayesh Dave (VortalSoft President and Chief Operating Officer) said “Our clients, both commercial and educational have been telling us they require an enterprise-based solution for compliance, certification, training and learning. Further the solution “must” be able to monitor and report progress with the ability to provide instructor based live video and testing and scoring. We found all these requirements with Employee One and Campus One for Commercial and Educational Institutions respectively. In today’s commercial world many fields of expertise “require” their “customer interfacing-based employees” to maintain state or industry mandated certification which require video training and eventual standardized testing. In addition, in today’s business environment all employees must be aware of HR related requirements of interaction with their co-workers on a global basis along with issues relating to safety and compliance. Further, as incoming college and trade school students need to reduce their overall “cost of attendance” and colleges need to find alternatives to these challenges the option of remote learning is mandatory for all colleges, universities and trade schools. Also, we have witnessed a significant increase in K-12 institutions approving state sponsored funding for these similar services. We anticipate this trend to significantly increase.

We selected Employee One and Campus One by Futor Labs based on its robust applications and flexible design by it training based users. VortalSoft serves global commercial clients and colleges and universities of all sizes across the United States and Canada. We are confident our selection of Futor Labs Employee One and Campus One will be a solution that addresses all their certification, training and testing requirements.”

About VortalSoft

VortalSoft is a fast-growing business solution organization that services clients in the United States and Canada. We service clients in need of a wide range of services including Call Center, Cyber Security, Learning and Staffing solutions. Our clients include Fortune 100 businesses in the area of Finance, Retail, Oil & Gas, Research, Healthcare, Manufacturing along with Educational Institutions in the US and Canada.