Who We Are

Vortalsoft is a privately held, global,

technology and CX solutions firm

We specialize in strategic consulting, design, build and ongoing support of mission critical contact center and unified communications technology, and local, regional and national IT resourcing to help ensure. you’re projects and business success.

Voltal Soft Company

Our Experience

At Vortalsoft, our difference is our experience. We don’t just sell you products. We use our decades of experiencing building and supporting hundreds of thousands of global contact center seats and millions of Customer interactions to enrich and inform your decisions along the way, and then those same people stay behind to implement, integrate, customize and support these technologies in your environment to ensure you get the performance to achieve your business objectives and delight your Customers. Every step along the way representing YOU in the process, not the manufacturers.

Implementing or Transforming Technologies

Are you looking to transform new technologies, ensure world class support to the organization and Customers, or augment your IT and Contact Center teams with experts for projects, or are you wanting to stay focused on your core competencies and remain agile? Rely on our expertise to bring in the technologies and support you need to compete head to head for the same Customers without the distraction or overhead of a build it yourself approach, Vortalsoft is a true partner to our Clients in achieving your goals long term.

All of our products and solutions are delivered by a named, known North American team that have real work experience and understand your environment and business.

Each of our people brings decades of experience in the build, support and transformation of mission critical environments and a passion to truly understand and partner with our clients on their journey and to achieve their business goals. Led by world class experts in their fields, our teams experience will make a difference in the success of your projects. If it is the selection of new solutions, support of existing solutions, transformation, planning and execution both technically or operationally, or expert IT and Operational resources for the CX Center, Vortalsoft can use our experience to help you deliver for your business.

Implementing or Transforming Technologies

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