Fully Managed Support


Is a managed service, full support option beyond break fix of your contact center environment. Customizable to meet your specific needs.

COMPLETE is a managed service

VS COMPLETE Managed Service

This can be customized to meet your specific needs from dedicated expert technical resources who can join your team full time or part time to ensure you have the expertise to support your contact center technology or administrative operational requirements, to the training of your teams on new technologies or the support of existing environments to free up your technical teams during the migration and ramp up of a new solution.

VS COMPLETE also offers Operational Support which goes beyond the traditional OEM break fix support of technology and provides MACD services, how do I service around the operational use of the new solutions or staffing for specific technical or operational needs during set periods.

Access To Dedicated Resources

Complete allows you access to dedicated resources or a blended resource pool to provide you the specific expertise you need, when you need it to handle changing technical needs over a period (ie support resources, then IVR development time for a set number of hours, development resources to training resources etc) so you have the expertise oyu need without paying for multiple FTEs on your team.

Complete is a great solution if you are undergoing a period of new technology, peak seasonal requirements, new projects, or when you need a good resource that has expert experience in your technologies and how they are used in an operational environment or when you are experiencing staffing issues for these roles and need to augment your current staffing.

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