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How protected are you and your customer’s sensitive data? With one of our Cyber Security solutions, you can be assured that your environment is protected against ransomware. Avoid the high-cost of paying out ransoms to restore your data. Make sure you are protected from legal action due to stolen customer data. Reach out to us to  review your options, secure your data and, in some cases, reduce your insurance premiums….

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We can protect you… Vortalsoft will help you

  • Shield your business from ransomware threats
  • Ensure your data’s safety and help you avoid costly ransom payouts
  • Stay compliant and protect customer trust
  • Reduce insurance premiums and enhance security

  • Create a partnership and have “Eyes on Glass” levels of monitoring within your environment for any threats
  • Safeguard your business against legal action and cyber threats and fortify your defenses to keep your business resiliant

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